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Jessica Cediel Bio, Net Worth, Nationality, Height, Salary, Age

Jessica Cedial is famous. She caught the position throughout her operation from the sweetness competition, consultant, skip Bogota into the nationwide Beauty Contest. She started her job in social press for magazines and tv commercial, being a marketing product. Jessica look for a tv presenter premiered Bravissimo, from the tv app. As part of their app, she combined the RCN station Back in July 2007 and at 2011, ” she begun to introduce job, Really very good Morning within a entertainment app. She’d the top character from the picture after a different physical look on tv from the app.

Jessica Cedial And Her Love-life

Later departing the usa Network Univision, Perhaps one of many Colombian boomers, lately reside, Jessica observed adore Mexican- Jessie Vargas, fighter plus she’s actually much love using Vargas. Both firsttimers, achieved from town of Miami at which she experienced the chance to interview since he promoted the struggle he’d in November 20-16 if Cediel was among those temptations of their app, Salt, and Pepper. Jessica Cedial Jessie Vargas, together using all the spouse. (image credit score: Entretengo) Jessica as enjoyed a quick getaway on the shores of Mexico together along with her brand new boy friend, Jessie. Today although Both’d divulged that their holiday photo the photo has been deleted by them. There clearly was information about lifetime standing or her partner. Even in a meeting using manhunter W Radio,” Jessica cleared that she actually is unmarried also it’s perhaps not the case she still maintain a romance with Mexican fighter,” she explained, “that I ‘m unmarried, ” I ‘m unmarried, joyful, serene, doing work, focused for my loved ones. ” Among the memorable connections was Pipe Bueno, together with whom she continued five decades of relationship, however they split if she transferred to Miami whilst a very extended – space dating didn’t function in their opinion. After just two decades, their courses are reunited by after fate in which she voiced she would really like to own kids and that she actually is about to enjoy.

Sudden Bio Of Jessica Cedial

Jessica Cedial was Created 4 April 1982, America According to wiki, at Bogota, Colombia. Citizenship is, held by Even the television celebrity that is 3-5 yearsold and also goes back into the ethnicity. She has a mommy, Virginia Cedial, along with dad, Alfonso Cedial with Virginia Cediel, sisters and brother, Melissa and just 2 sisters. Jessica finished her research Journalism and Social Communication in the University of La Sabana. She won Favored Leisure Presenter the most TVyNovelas Award. Together with campaigns for swimwear lingerie makes, Jessica worked Because of version also looked in magazines for example Paparazzi. She has acted since Maria in 2014. She is called the queen of presenters.

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